Operating with our own equipment is another way we keep costs down and stay competitive. We have the specialized selective demolition equipment and trained operators that enable us to perform any project safely and on time. All of our equipment is regularly maintained and ready to use and the operators are tested and updated on their operation throughout the year.


Our Brokk 180 is one of the most advanced concrete removal pieces of equipment available in today's market.
A 36" concrete vault is not a problem for the Brokk180, nor hammering a concrete ceiling from underneath. It can crawl up the stairs and go through a 32" opening.



Removing floors of any type has never been easier than with the Terminator 2000.
We own a fleet of Terminator 2000's. These can remove carpet, floor tile, wood flooring, ceramic, stone tile, and many other types of floor covering leaving only the minimum amount of mastic on the floor.
It easily fits through standard door openings and elevators.  We own both  propane and electric powered terminators.


We have numerous bobcats in our fleet along with grapple buckets, concrete breakers, augers and forks.


Our roll-off trucks are used to haul the debris offsite.



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