At MWE Services, Inc., safety is a company-wide commitment, and our past record confirms this commitment.

Our in-house safety program includes pre-employment training for our employees as well as annual safety workshops providing our employees with the newest information. Our involvement with several safety organizations enables us to remain current in industry safety standards. Wherever and whenever specific training is called for, our accredited instructors are available to ensure that all personnel meet not only government standards, but also rigid company standards.

A semi-annual quality control review program, including annual physicals provides continual awareness of our strict safety operating procedures. From standard written safety procedures (both in english and spanish) to site-specific pre-job training, we practice safety.

Safety applies not only to our personnel, but also to our fleet of equipment. Strict, computer-monitored maintenance schedules, equipment replacement policies, and certified mechanics ensure that when our equipment arrives, the project will be completed efficiently and safely.

If you have any questions concerning our Safety Program contact: Adam Talbott at:

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